Lut Ave Dontralus (2013)

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, cello, and two dancers.  Written in collaboration with choreographer Ruth Howard.  dur: 5'30"

Program Notes:  "Lut Ave Dontralus" was created in autumn of 2013 as a part of Juilliard's "Choreographers and Composers" course, and was later selected by Periapsis Music and Dance to be performed as a part of their winter showcase.  When Ruth and I began working together, it was important to us to try and intertwine the dance and music as closely as possible, so we decided to have the three singers involved move around the stage as a part of the choreography with the two dancers.  It was a demanding piece and a consuming process for all involved, and enough thanks cannot be given to Ruth Howard, Keiran Campbell, Mary-Liz O'Neill, Alex McKissick, Nicolette Mavroleon, Joe Davis, and Cleo Person.